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Giulietto Chiesa sur l'Ukraine : la désinformation est totale



KRASHING / 1987-1993

KRASHING : « Disinterment 1987 – 1993 »

( CD / Italie )


Ré-édition 2012 par Natura Morta, des démos du gang…

Old-school fuckin’ Death (Thrash) Metal from HELL… macabre et putride à souhaits !!!!!!

Si vous êtes accro’ aux purs moments de pure poésie que peuvent être les démos de GRAVE, PENTACLE, MERCYLESS ou NIHILIST (par exemple et entre autres… mais bon, je trouve que ces 4 noms là plantent bien le décor !?!) ; si vous êtes accro’ à ce genre d’ambiances et atmosphères à la fois bucoliques et romantiques, donc… n’hésitez pas !

Surtout si – en sus et de surcroît – vous êtes du genre à faire tourner en boucle le premier BULLDOZER pendant vos soirées consacrées à la taxidermie… voire à écouter le SODOM des débuts en faisant l’inventaire de votre splendide collection de térato-fœtus plongés dans le formol.

La sarabande que danseront les gros vers blancs gavés de sucs impurs sur votre cadavre !   

Natura Morta Edizioni / CD limité à 500 copies.

10 titres – 36 mns >>> 8 €uros. / disponible. 


Omega Music / Natura Morta Edizioni > http://www.omegamusic.org/


Egalement disponible au format démo-K7 : …

Putrid Cult Records / Pro-printed cover double face.

Tape-version limitée à 250 copies >>> 4 €uros. / disponible. 



KRASHING was a thrash / death metal band, formed back in 1987 in Bergamo. This three-piece has recorded a couple of demos – "Cycle of Decomposition" in 1991 and "The Ancient Were, The Ancients Are, The Ancients Will Be" in 1993. Soon after the release of the second of these tapes they’ve split up and have remained entombed, until Abibail (IMAGO MORTIS) exhumed them and brought back to the sun light.

So, Natura Morta Edizioni has released this CD titled "Disinterment 1987-1993" and this really sounds like someone entered an old catacomb and excavated something from it. The music of KRASHING smells like putrid and sounds like the most archaic, old Death Metal classic demos from that period of time. Before listening to it first thing you must do is to get rid of the 20 years old dust and spider webs, kill some maggots and put a mask, otherwise the stench of death may kill you! Hehe, just kidding, don’t worry ; the CD is definitely released in good and solid way. 8 page booklet provides some information about both recordings, has all the lyrics, plus some old photos… So, you’ll find everything you need. And musically don’t expect maybe the best and most killer demos of all times, because "But Life Goes On" or "Only Shreds Remain" they are not, but surely they’re very decent and solid efforts.

I like that authentic feeling of these two recordings, that dark and extreme atmosphere and passion, so characteristic for many early death metal demos. Sure, sound quality is not the best, is it very raw and in many ways primitive, but surely not as bad to abhor you (unless the heaviest band you like is In Flames :). KRASHING certainly played something on the edge between Thrash and Death Metal, but with the slight prevail of the second of these styles, as definitely their music was faster and more aggressive than the thrash bands would sound like at that time. Eeghh, what do I need to write… If you like that feeling, when you listen to the early demos from VADER, MASSACRA, MERCYLESS, NIHILIST… it also reminds me some early Polish Death Metal demos, like THANATOS’ "Out of Sanity" killer demo. Krashing is pretty much similar. And who cares, if it sounds so dramatically archaic and primitive? The feeling is most important and for me "Disinterment 1987-1993" is a nice travel back in time and great introduction to completely unknown band. I hope that with this review some more people will get that compilation, you surely must if you dig the old scene !


( http://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Krashing/Disinterment_1987-1993/359742/ )




E' notte, delle ombre si aggirano tra le lapidi di un cimitero… portano a spalla delle vanghe, si fermano davanti ad una tomba abbandonata contrassegnata da una croce arrugginita, le pale iniziano a sprofondare nella terra umida ed iniziano a scavare… Natura Morta Edizioni ha dissotterrato i demo tapes dei KRASHING una vecchia Death Metal band di Bergamo, sicuramente una tra le prime a celebrarne il funereo messale in Italia. Viene riproposta per intero la loro opera macabra in un'eccellente CD antologico con libretto ad 8 pagine, testi e foto dell'epoca. Ossa, ragnatele, demoni, morte, oscurità e terrore, questi gli ingredienti che il vostro stereo vomiterà in queste serate autunnali !

It 's night, the shadows wander among the tombstones of a cemetery… on their shoulders they carry spades, stop in front of an abandoned grave marked with a rusted cross, the blades begin to sink into the damp earth and start digging… Natura Morta Edizioni has unearthed the demo tapes of KRASHING an old Death Metal band from Bergamo, surely one of the first to celebrate the funeral missal in Italy. Their macabre work reappears in full in an excellent anthology CD with a booklet of 8 pages, texts and old photos. Bones, cobwebs, demons, death, darkness and terror, these are the ingredients that your stereo will vomit in these autumn nights !


FAUST - From Glory to Infinity

FAUST : « From Glory to Infinity » ( CD / 2009 / Italie )


Cool… un chouette dessin de nonne lubrique ( et généreusement mamelue ) sur la cover, un album pour moi ça !?!! ( Ha ha ) Pas du tout dans le trip Witchery par contre, contrairement à ce que la pochette pouvait laisser augurer !?! Que nenni…

Ni vraiment « à la VADER / DECAPITATED » ( comme l’annonce Paragon Records )…

Nan… Heavy-Speed / Death metal en fait !?!?!!!…

Et ouais, je sais, ça peut paraître bizarre… mais c’est carrément ça !!! Un surprenant croisement entre des riffs / chorus / soli purement heavy-Speed ( et dans la grande traditon du genre, croyez-moi ) et des rythmiques + vocaux… typiquement Death !?!?!!!…

On est plus proche de DEATH en fait… un DEATH qui s’enverrait en l’air avec BENEDICTION et AMORPHIS… en intégrant moult plans Thrash ( HOLY MOSES ) et techno-Thrash ( à la CORONER ) à son Death… et euh… un soliste purement Heavy-Speed à l’ensemble !!!!!…

But then… lorsque je vous aurai ( tout de même ) dit que le guitariste a joué avec Ancient, que le bassiste a trainé ses guêtres dans : Sadus, Autopsy, Death, Iced Earth, Testament, etc… et que le batteur a fait des sessions pour Dimmu Borgir et Vader… vous comprendrez tout de suite mieux pourquoi l’on peut accoler la double étiquette « Technical & Melodic » à ce death gang là !!!!!!…

9 trx – 40 mns : 10 €uros. / disponible.